5 mayo, 2016

Baseline Reports

EHS Techniques has completed the preparation of “Informes Base” (Baseline Studies, as required by the Spanish regulations) for different industrial sectors and at different autonomous communities within Spain.
In EHS Techniques we know the expectative of the environmental agencies, and therefore, we are able of preparing the “Informes Base” complying with such expectative but without going too further, so this generates savings for our clients.
We have completed “Informes Base” for companies of the pharmaceutical, oil&gas, chemical and manufacturing sectors.
The following two projects are presented just as examples:

  • – Preparation of the “Informe Base” for a pharmaceutical plant at Catalonia, including negotiations with the soil and groundwater Catalan agencies about the scope of works to be conducted.

  • – Elaboration of the “Informe Base” for two chemical plants, located at Catalonia and Madrid, taking advantage of identified synergies for reducing costs and for providing added value to our client.