12 mayo, 2016

Cost-Benefit Analysis

On application of the EU Directive on Industrial Emissions (DIE), the Integrated Pollution and Prevention Control (IPPC) permits are currently being updated in Spain. This Directive also includes provisions for updating the existing BREF reports, which correspond to the best available technologies (BAT) reference documents, and for applying them to the different industrial sectors.

The DIE emphasizes the need of applying the BAT as soon as possible once a BREF is published. Their implementation may pose using different threshold values than those currently used, and therefore this could imply some economic impact on the activities. As a consequence, conducting a cost-benefit analysis may be crucial, both for the existing and for the new installations.

EHS Techniques holds a wide experience providing advice to different sectors in regards to IPPC and BAT issues, including the evaluation of the impact associated to updating threshold values. Our team has been involved in more than 50 projects related with getting updated IPPC permits for different industrial activities in different Spanish regions, so is well prepared for helping out our clients.