2 mayo, 2016

Life – Cycle Assessment

According to EU Regulation No 3057/2011 of July 2013 all construction products have to declare their environmental impact based on the life-cycle assessment (LCA) in order to obtain the CE mark.

As a trend, Denmark has implemented of the Directive on packaging and packaging waste, making mandatory the application of environmental criteria and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for packaged goods manufacturers.

The life-cycle assessment (LCA) is a methodology to evaluate the environmental burdens associated with a product, process or activity by identifying and quantifying both the material and energy use requirements and the emissions to the environment. LCA represents as well a powerful marketing tool: through the analysis of «hotspots» and, the customer knows where are the bottlenecks or less efficient parts of the production/service and is given a number of alternatives to solve it. The customer can then give a better projection to the clients after the application of holistic vision and truly eco-design criteria.

The eco-design involves consideration of environmental aspects during the life cycle of products from their conception, through use, up to the end of life disposal. Therefore, it constitutes an effective solution to reduce the use of materials and energy resources in manufacturing while helping to produce less waste, reducing the impact and economic costs.

At EHS Techniques we are convinced of the importance of these issues facing the immediate future, and we are ready to offer advice and services in the application of life-cycle assessment and environmental declaration of products and services. We offer ecodesign solutions for processes and products, which can achieve significant cost savings and improvements in environmental communication of your company.